Why you should get TESOL

English is the international language, and there are thousands of people who want to learn, in order to study or work in another country. If you were fortunate enough to be born in an English speaking country, you have an advantage over all those people. Therefore you can tap in to that skill, and use it to earn money!

China, in particular, is a huge market, and there are so many schools and online programs with  students eager to learn. They are extremely motivated, and want to connect with native speakers.

Teaching is an extremely rewarding profession, as you can provide these people with the skills that they require, and they will be forever grateful. You in turn, will feel a sense of satisfaction for sharing your knowledge with them.

Therefore, getting a TESOL certification will offer you great opportunities and experiences

When you join our package, you will get to experience Bali, and meet other like minded people in the process

It will give you an experience of a lifetime!

If you’ve already been living abroad for a long time, or have decided to make a change in your life and try another country, getting a TESOL certification is the perfect way to shake things up. You will get to understand English better. and learn how to explain various grammar points in an interesting and stimulating way, using games and activities where the students will have fun while they learn. You can use this skill to volunteer in various countries around the world, or create an income to sustain your passion for travel.

Its a good way to make money

It may not make you rich, but it will certainly help support your travels, and the money you make is more than enough to live on in various Asian countries, where the cost of living is relatively low. Many countries will offer free housing, and flights back home every year. You will be able to immerse yourself in the culture, get to know the local people, and have fun while you are doing it.


Even if you have other sources of income, teaching is  a great way to get an  additional stream . You could offer some private classes, or evening sessions, to earn some extra money to help you to save some money to travel back to your home land for a visit.

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