Teaching Practice

Teaching English is a great way to travel the world, while making money as you go. It has become easier than ever to gain the qualification to do this, as there are plenty of online TESOL courses, for very low prices. I have not personally tried any of these, but from what I can see, they mostly offer very similar packages. 

There is a lot of theory behind how to teach English without knowing the native language of your students, so this part involves a great deal of reading, to get your head around it. Therefore having it all online is great.

However, there comes a point where you need to put that theory in to action, and that is where TLC comes in! I have been teaching in Asia since 1994, and therefore have a wealth of knowledge to share. We also have students for you to practice your skills on. 

We are offering 5 day Retreats is a mix of work and play, where I will take you through everything that you have learned, and give examples in practice, as well as watching you in action, and providing feedback.

Interspersed with the teaching practice, there will be plenty of down time, to enjoy being in Bali.

There will also be one day where we visit Stella’s Child, and interact with the orphan children being trained there. You will get to test your teaching skills out on them, and experience just how rewarding it is to work with these amazingly motivated kids!

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Mary Tyas