Tattoo Care

This week has seen quite a few questions about tattoo care. This is a very important subject, as it would be a shame to spend all that time (and pain) getting the perfect tattoo, only to have it ruined by lack of care.

The tattoo starts at the tattoo studio, but the rest is up to you. Take a few steps to make sure it will stay beautiful for as long as possible:

  1. Cover it up: upon completion of the tattoo, most studios will wrap it with cling wrap. This is to protect against dust, and is ESSENTIAL in Bali.

  2. Remove the cover: after a couple of hours, or as soon as you are back in your clean hotel room, you can take off the cover. It should not be left on for too long, as a tattoo needs to breathe.

  3. Wash the tattoo: this should be done gently with lukewarm water, and little or no soap. Do not hold directly under a stream of water, but rather splash it and rub gently.

  4. Pat dry: again, be gentle, and pat the tattoo dry, so there is no moisture left.

  5. Apply cream. We recommend using Bepanthen cream, or Paw Paw cream. Apply evenly over the tattoo and repeat every morning and evening

  6. Avoid the sun: I know you are on holiday, but it is best for the tattoo to keep away from direct sunlight at least for the first week.

  7. Avoid swimming: Again, at least for the first few days.

Due to the last 2 criteria, most people choose to get their tattoos at the end of their holiday in Bali in order to get the most out of their holiday, and avoid ruining the tattoo.

Important note:

Feet and hands are the parts of the body that need the most aftercare after getting a tattoo. As there is so much dust in Bali, feet need to be kept clean at all times, otherwise you run the risk of the tattoo becoming infected

Please take care, remember a Tattoo is for life, so it is worth taking a few steps to ensure it stays looking good.

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Goodbye for now and Keep calm and get a tattoo!!


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