My story

Hi, I am Mary Tyas, the director of Tyas Language center. I am orginally from England, but have been based in Bali for over 20 years.

I am excited to share my experiences with you, as I remember being lost and confused before I found a way to do what I love. I was coming to the end of my university degree, and had no idea what I wanted to do, but I did know that I loved travel, and wanted to find a way to fund my travels.

When someone suggested TESOL it seemed to be the perfect answer! I could travel and teach, and be guaranteed work wherever I went. The truth is, everyone wants to learn English, therefore, as a native English speaker we have a natural gift to share with the world!

I took the course, and then set off with my backpack on my back (it was so big and heavy, I literally fell over backwards on the streets of Thailand and could not get back up! ) Here is a photo of me setting off to the airport. I have since learned to pack much lighter!



This was back in 1994, before the internet even existed, so I could not search for jobs online, and had to literally knock on doors, but within a few days, I had a job!

I stayed for 6 months, until I got itchy feet to continue travelling, I had saved up plenty of money, as the cost of living in Thailand is very inexpensive, so I decided to travel through Indonesia. I visited Sumatra, Java and Bali, and absolutely fell in love with Bali, so decided to stay and try and find work there. I applied for a few places, and received offers from all of them!

I taught in the classroom for many years, and more recently moved in to online teaching, both are extremely rewarding, and there are plenty of opportunities to make it possible to fund your travels around the world!

I have now opened my own school, and partnered with a charity here in Bali that offers training to kids from orphanages to give them a chance to better their lives. I also offer training and support to other like minded souls who would like to learn how to teach and then use the skill to travel and earn money as they go.



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