Meaningful Tattoos

People get tattoos for many different reasons, some just like to decorate their bodies, and others want to have more meaningful tattoos, that highlight significant milestones in their life. I love hearing the stories behind the choices people make, and here are some of my favorites:


Family is a recurring theme in many of the tattoos that we do, from commemorating a new baby, remembering one that was lost, or having the names of your children written on you, or pictures that represent the memories of a family member, it is great to carry a piece of your family everywhere you go

Baby hands and feet

Having a baby is a pretty significant event in anyone’s life, and the baby grows up so fast, it is nice to get a reminder of how small they once were. We have had a few people bring in prints of their baby’s feet and hands to have them tattooed on to their bodies:

Children’s names

There are plenty of sob stories of people getting their boyfriend and girl friend’s name tattooed on their body, only to break up, and have to cover it with another name or picture. Believe me, there are plenty of those! Having your children’s names is a safer bet, and I particularly like these ideas of having a family tree or flowers with the names around it:

A portrait of a loved one

what better way to remember your loved one than getting a photo of them on your body:


For many people their pets are like family, and we do plenty of paw prints, as well as portraits of the beloved animals:


And many more…

Other ideas include family crests, football teams, important dates such as graduation, wedding, and so on, there are so many ways to mark milestones, and a tattoo is a great way to make note of the crucial times in your life, both good and bad.









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