Is Bali Safe?


The short answer is YES, if you take the required precautions!  Bali is mostly very safe. Yes, the volcano exploded a few months ago, and has shown on and off activity since then, but it is far away from the tourist areas, and so there is very little danger being posed, even if it does erupt again. The only thing that might happen, is that the airport will close for a couple of days due to ash. However,  a very close friend of mine took a helicopter ride over Bali last weekend, and flew right over the volcano, and took this photo, which shows that there is no activity at this time. Obviously, we never know with natural phenomena such as this, but the situation right now is calm.

Just when the volcano died down, we had a bombing in Surabaya, which has made people nervous about coming here. This seems to have been an isolated incident, with some speculation that it was politically motivated, so the chance of a bomb in Bali is fairly low, although, again, I cannot guarantee that it will not happen. However, security has been vamped up since then, and so I personally still feel it is safe. 

Other than those two incidents, there are also road accidents that happen on a regular basis, but these are usually caused by inexperienced or drunk drivers, who are not being careful. As with anywhere in the world, caution must be taken when driving. The roads can appear to be chaotic, and I would not advise anyone to ride a motorbike unless they are experienced, and are going to take the regular precautions, such as wearing proper clothing and a helmet. Seems common sense, but you would be surprised by the things I see on a daily basis here. The police have even started handing out T-shirts to people driving without them!











There are also cases of purse snatching, when driving a bike. This can happen anywhere, and again, caution should be taken at all times. I always advise people to put bags inside the seat of the bike, to avoid presenting would be thieves with the temptation to snatch. 



Obviously this should not be necessary, but Bali is still part of a developing country, and people get tempted to steal. Simple common sense can go a long way to making sure that you avoid being a victim.

  • Take a taxi or better yet, a GRAB, home from the bar at night.

99% of robbery stories happen at night, and women are often targeted, so reduce the risk, and TAKE A TAXI! TAKE A GRAB! Don’t have that last beer! Use that money to take a cheap GRAB. Be sensible.

  • Watch your STUFF!

95% of our stories of victims of crime is petty crime. Admittedly this is less traumatic, however, it is still a pain in the ass. So WATCH YOUR STUFF!  We always say, “Never carry more than you are willing to lose, and always keep your eyes on it.”


Enjoy Bali. Keep your eyes open and take simple precautions, and your stay here will be filled with great memories.  Still need to reserve your seat in one of our 5 day Teacher Retreat? Contact us for more details

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