Indonesian Classes

I have  lived in Indonesia for over 20 years, and speak the language fluently, just like the locals, as I learned it using a very different approach, by focusing on speaking first, and the reading and writing part a lot later. My focus was to be able to communicate with the people, and to sound just like them.

I hung out at the local warungs, and chatted with the old ladies, and mimicked their pronunciation, and style of talking, and started to be able to communicate very quickly.

Spoken Indonesian and written Indonesian is very different, and if you learn the written form first, you will end up sounding like a dictionary, and most people will not understand you! 

I have created a course where I focus on helping people to speak, and communicate the way that the local Balinese do, as that is really what most of us want. Language is all about communication, not necessarily about being grammatically correct.

So, come on this journey with me, leave your memories of chanting verb collocations in French class, and enjoy the process!

We have private and group classes in Tyas Language school, as well as the option of online.

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