English Teacher Resources

Here are some great English Teacher Resources:


When I first started as a teacher, I would spend hours pouring over books, trying to find some inspiration for ways to make the grammar points interesting. Now, thanks to the internet, there are plenty of places to find ideas. Here are a few of my favorites:


For Teachers & Students


The  Dave’s ESL Cafe has an abundance of resources and materials for both teachers and students:  job forums, lesson plan ideas and cultural information for the teachers and student forums, grammar and vocabulary explanations and practice for your learners.


For You, the Teacher


This is the site that I go to the most, as they have a wide range of ideas and activities, such as songs, games, worksheets and so on, mostly for free.  


Students of all ages love puzzles! This website allows you to create all types of puzzles, like crosswords and word finds, with the ability to copy and paste it into a Word document to be able to save it and use it again later.

For Your Students


This site provides practice reading and listening at different levels with quizzes based on the content given and students get immediate results.



BBC offers free audios, videos and readings to English learners.  The material is offered on their site as courses, but all materials can also be used as standalone resources.   Students can choose whatever interests them and meets their needs.


If your students are preparing for exams like the TOEFL or IELTS, this site is a goldmine!  It has exam descriptions, practice exams and preparation tips and guides.  This would also be helpful for you as the teacher if you are giving any exam prep classes.


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