10 Reasons to come to our retreat

1.You can work at your own pace

As you will be taking a TESOL course online before you come, you can work at your own pace, and wait until you feel completely ready.We will then go over it with you, and give you the chance to put the theory in to practice. It is therefore not as intense and stressful as other in-house courses, and you do not have to commit to a full time 4 week course.


2. We provide individual attention.

Our school is called TLC for a reason, as everything we do is with care and attention. The retreats are limited in numbers as we want to make sure that you get the individual attention that you need. 


3. We provide Job Guidance

We have connections with many schools in Bali, China and Vietnam, as well as several online schools, so will be able to assist you in applying for jobs


4.We have Real Students

We have several real students, who are not native speakers, and spanning a range of all ages, with which you will be able to put the teaching skills you learn in to action in real life settings. This is invaluable experience, and will give you the confidence to step in to any classroom equipped with the skills needed to give a clear and entertaining lesson.


 5. Its the perfect place to find jobs

Asia is the place to be if you want to teach English. China has a huge demand, as well as Vietnam and Indonesia. We have connections with schools all over the region, and get regular updates on job opportunities.


6.You get to enjoy Bali

Bali is paradise on earth, and you will be able to experience that, while also getting a skill that will allow you to travel and work all over the world.  There is so much to do and see, and during the course you will still have time to enjoy yourselves, and take in breathtaking rice field views, or kick back on one of the many beautiful beaches.


 7. You can give back to the community

We are connected with several charities on the island, not just for teaching, but also orphanages, turtle conservation and many more, so you will be able to spend time on a worthy cause.


8. Its the first step on your journey

By coming to Bali to complete your qualification, you will have taken the first step on the journey to being able to travel and work as you go. That is often the hardest step to take! Once you are here, and get to experience teaching first hand, you will gain the confidence to keep going!


9.Its a good justification for a holiday

Everyone loves to come to Bali on holiday, and rather than spending all the time on the beach, you can combine a holiday with an unforgettable experience, and gain a qualification at the same time!


10 Did I mention we’re in Bali?

Just saying, really, what other reason do you need? The island of the gods has everything you could wish for, from beautiful beaches, volcanoes, monkeys, amazing weather all year round, and the friendliest people I have ever met.


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